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Gray Court House
Beaumaris - 2018


It's a beach sculpture extending an eye to 'sea and sky.' Designed for a quirky couple, this home rises from its native bushy garden to open itself to the surrounding sea and bushland views. As a form its made of bitumen, bricks, sticks and steel with strategically placed windows of the world. The structure, trees and garden are purposefully woven together creating a sense of belonging in a pre-existing landscape. One passes through the interiors always taking in the changing sky and sea. The clients brief was to see the native bushland in the court, the sky above and most importantly the sea beyond. The challenge of the project was that the site was in a court, near the sea but with no sea views, the solution was to lift the main living spaces above the surrounding buildings so these views could be realised. With this in mind the building, who's form was largely driven by site setbacks, was worked, shaped and articulated to connect to earth and sky in a relaxed and easy going manner. The Interiors are quirky and vibrant, a true reflection of the owners unique character. The house is rich, complex and out there.

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